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Kstar makes building an online store so easy that anyone who has access to internet, we believe can master Kstar.

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An extremely useful variety of themes and features is available for free forever.

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No hidden charges or any kind of credit card or any banking details required.

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That is why people love us because we are FREE FOREVER and give your sales a new face

I always wanted an online store but was finding it very costly but KStar solved my problem. We get 85 % of our sales online. Kunal Chandiramani
I have learned programming and have been trying to sell the softwares i worked so hard to make. KStar solved my problem i sell my softwares online and i started to earn about 5000 $ / month in the very first year without spending anythingKunal Chandiramani
I always had a passion to stitch and wanted to turn that into a profession but dew to lack of money i could not get a shop but as KSTAR is FREE FOREVER so i thought of giving it a try and now after a year i get 1500 orders per monthKunal Chandiramani

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What is trending

That is what makes us what we are and our users what they are

Releasing plugins

Now you can get unlimited features from the best developers The latest plugin features as one of the best[...]

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Launching the McAfee SECURE Seal for KStar

Gain your visitors trust by securing their purchases using the McAfee SECURE Seal. As they say, if they trust you, they will buy from you.[...]

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KStar partner Compacademy as the education partner

Comp academy has been a great company when it comes to tutorials and gamifying studies so now kstar has officially partnered with comp academy that compacademy can now officially teach about using KSt[...]

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How is Kstar perfect for you

If you sell anything anywhere, Kstar is perfect for you

  • Local store

  • Free
  • Start an online store
  • Allow users to pay online
  • Allow users to come and pay at your store
  • You can deliver within a pin code or the whole world
  • People can collect products from your store
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  • Start at home ( you can sell real or virtual products )

  • Free
  • Start an online store
  • allow users to pay online
  • allow users to pay at your store and book online
  • Deliver products
  • Allow users to collect products from your store
  • Sign up
  • Just showcase your products

  • Free
  • Start an online store
  • Users can not buy only see
  • User can review your products
  • Users can contact you
  • You can anytime allow users to buy online within 3 clicks
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