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B2B2C Ecommerce

KStar Ecommerce was founded in 2016, helping connect Rural handicraft sellers operating unorganized businesses to an Urban Market through the Ultra simplistic Platform, enabling an independent storefront alongside payment and delivery integrations.

Having pioneered the independent marketplace industry as an industry-first platform in india to allow seller to sell through independent storefronts, It is one of our proudest involvements having enabled over 200K users.
We exited the venture through acquisition in May 2022. Its been the Founding brick of KStar

We have been passionate about Mental Health and so are our businesses in the sector.

Through dToks, we operate premium events, Talks, Multiple wellbeing products and a globally #16 rated podcast (Health) on Spotify, hosted by the CEO of KStar (Kunal Chandiramani) alongside a series of upcoming projects.

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Mental Health and Rejuvenation


Alacrous works with companies to create internship programs together, for high schoolers to add real world relevance and a broader skillset, more viable for the Real World. Alacrous has aimed through the education policy to create more such programs evangelised for highschoolers.

At present, there are various programs offered cohort based at intervals.

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KStar culture is closely related to the 4 Eā€™S ā€“ Experiment, Embrace, Entrepreneurship and Execution.

Research forms a core part and experiments are common.

One of our projects, Over Cranium Augmented Computation, looks at creating sensor driven devices to create a Stress/ Sense overview for medical purposes through the recipient playing games in a headset device for 30 mins which tests their response time, breath, Stimulus reaction and more prior to an appointment, all through a fun process of playing.


We Value Culture!

Our Ventures have built prescence at


The Foundation

The foundation aims to create sustainable growth wherever possible through micro ventures and supporting other organizations, more bellow


MedsforMore helped collect COVID-19 medicines and distributed them amongst those with neither access nor affordability. The purpose was twofold ā€“ Increasing Impact while Reducing Waste.

The initiative reached 12 cities.
KStar sponsored the Technology for the project.

Find out more.

dToks Foundation works to train people around the world on psychological first aid, through ambassador programs.

Enabling them to help more people.
The ambassador program has helped people across the globe.

Read more on this article.

(Briefly educating on Health)

dToks Mental Health education

Covid Combat

Covid Combat worked on collating Health related service details, and daily verifying them for availability of different medical necessities and updating it onto a created portal.

It was sponsored by KStar and helped tens of thousands of people.

The project is Now Retired.

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