Anything done against any of the policies given below should be considered an adverse crime and should be treated in regards to a criminal offence of high alert against the privacy policy of KStar website builder.

  1. KStar and its sponsors are not responsible for any of its users and their relationship with their customers to turn into a legal matter through any cost KStar is not responsible for such offence of cybercrime or cheating.
  2. KStar acts only as a shop manager and provider of Payment gateways in the legal matter even if it does not own it.
  3. Any of the minute stuff copied from KStar in matters of technology, text, code, documentation or any sensitive or non-sensitive documents.
  4. KStar holds rights to any time suspend or even delete and mark spam a store that deals in any illegal or adult offence against the rights of humanity or any other right that may or may not seem offensive to anybody but KStar.
  5. If you make an online store or any business registration on KStar by signing up for that account, business, website, domain or any such thing, you have agreed to All the policies and agree of being the rightful owner or someone appointed by the owner legally.
  6. By registering your business, domain, website or account on KStar you agree to be in consent of the rightful business or appointed by the rightful owner legally and are questionable any time by KStar for any legal documentation or misunderstanding which may or may not be legal but just internally for checking or any such thing in the same, similar or any context.
  7. KStar has right of cancelling or deleting your account at any time if they may consider it dangerous, notorious, mischievous,  illegal or anything against the privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions or any other thing which may or may or may not be told in advance with or without any previous reminders. These steps can only be taken with permission and signature by Kunal Chandiramani even if he may or may not be the CEO at then in time.
  8. KStar has all the rights to change its privacy policy at any time without providing any information or legalized document to any person responsible at any post inclusive of KStar and its sponsors who are not responsible for any legal problem caused due to change of terms and conditions.
  9. KStar intern owes its regards to WordPress to have inspired it and has taken code blocks from within the core of WordPress and even other software who have been given due Credit in The Credits page.